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sukhoi-superjet100 The evolution of flight

The Sukhoi Superjet 100

SSJ100, the first airliner in which engine and airframe have been designed together to optimize performance. The SSJ100 – a fusion of Russia’s famed aviation design and production skills with the latest systems from leading aerospace suppliers around the world – offers standards of economy, performance, environmental efficiency and passenger comfort never before seen in a 100-seat airliner.

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The SSJ100 aircraft entered into commercial operation mid-2011. As of July 2017, one hundred SSJ100’s have been delivered. To date, more than 300.000 flight hours have been logged by the SSJ100 flying fleet worldwide.

In 2012 the SSJ100 achieved the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Type Certificate. The aircraft is also certified by Russian IAC AR as well as by Indonesian, Laos and Mexican Civil Aviation Authorities. In January 2016, the SSJ100 has been Cat IIIA certified by EASA.