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Excellence is the Standard

The Superjet 100 family represents the state-of the-art in its market sector and sets new benchmarks for 100-seat jet airliners.

Design innovation

• The advanced wing design permits cruise speeds up to Mach 0.81, perfect climb performance and steep approach capabilities

• A fully digital Fly-by-Wire system enhances performance

• The Flight deck is Airbus 350-alike equipped, with two new generation side stick controllers and 5 LCD displays

• Innovative avionics reduce crew workload

The Superjet 100 flies at an optimal cruising speed of Mach 0.78 and reaches an operating cruise altitude of40,000 ft. The design range for Superjet 100 is 1,645 NM for the Basic version and 2,470 NM for the Long Range version.

Economic performance

The aircraft family has been developed around standardized assemblies and systems, reducing costs and allowing further models to be developed. All models in the Sukhoi Superjet 100 family will have the same wings and same engines: two SaM146 turbo-fans from PowerJet.

This fuel-efficient engine offers fuel consumption significantly below all its competitors and important maintenance savings guaranteed by a considerably reduced parts count.

Passenger comfort

Comfort levels of the Superjet 100 family are comparable to those of larger jets.

• Airlines can configure the passenger cabin for their needs with a wide range of options including the number and arrangement of seats in Business and Economy class, choice of galley equipment, extra toilet module and other features

• Seats, standing height and aisle are more generous than in any other 100 seat aircraft

• The cabin is equipped with LED-enhanced lighting system

• Overhead compartments have the largest capacity available on aircraft of this class


In February 2012, the Superjet 100 obtained the Type Certificate from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The recognition allows the European airlines, as well as those airlines operating in countries which use EASA regulations as a reference standard, to accept and operate the Superjet 100 (RRJ-95B) aircraft.

Today the SSJ100 is certified by several Authorities, like Indonesian, Laos and Mexican Civil Aviation Authorities.

Taking to the skies.

The first flight was successfully accomplished on May 19, 2008. The SSJ100 aircraft entered into commercial operations in mid-2011.

As of July 2017, one hundred SSJ100s aircraft have been delivered to several airlines. They accumulated so far more than 300.000 flight hours.