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Superjet 100 Training

SuperJet International Training Centre’s mission is to ensure a smooth entry into service of Superjet 100 aircraft by providing its operators with a full range of training courses for pilots, flight attendants and maintenance personnel.

The utilization of innovative course programmes, high level instructors and the most advanced simulation technology available are key factors in providing  the highest quality level of courses.

Extensive use of Computer-Based Training (CBT) for the ground course provides additional flexibility and improves training and learning.

Utilization of latest generation FSTD’s, including Superjet 100 Full Flight Simulator and full-size Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer guarantee an exceptional standard of operational training and a high level of safety.

Committed to providing the most exhaustive and intensive training to its customers, SJI is also developing a comprehensive package of additional Virtual Training tools.

Courses type-related to Superjet 100 include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Flight Crew Type Rating Courses for either experience and non experience glass cockpit pilots
  • Cabin Crew Transition Courses
  • Maintenance T1-B1/T2-B2 Level III Type Rating Courses
  • Maintenance T4-C Level I Type Rating Courses
  • Ground Handling Course
  • Engine Run Up Course.

SJI Instructors also provide Line Flight Under Supervision (LFUS) during aircraft Entry Into Service (EIS).

Courses are constantly updated with the latest technical content and innovative tuition methods, guaranteeing full compliance with Regulation Authority requirements.