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Code Of Ethics

The present code (hereinafter referred to as “Code of Ethics”) expresses the commitment and the ethical responsibility in the conduct of affairs and company business undertaken by those who have relations with SuperJet International – Stock Company (hereinafter “SuperJet International” or “Company”), be these employees, coworkers  in various roles or managers.
The principles and the dispositions of the present Code of Ethics are binding on all the following categories (hereinafter, the “Addressees”):

– The components of the Board of Directors, in the process of setting up of the objectives, deciding on activities, carrying out projects, proposing investments and in every decision or action relative to the progress of the Company;

– The components of the Board of Statutory Auditors in their control and inspection of the formal and substantial accuracy of the Company’s activities and of the functioning of the internal control system;

– The General Director and managers, in their effort of giving a concrete form to the administration of the Company and in management of both internal and external activities; – The employees and all the co-workers employed on whatever type of contract, here included occasional and/or temporary employment;

– All those who have commercial and/or financial relationship of any kind with the Company;

– The representatives of Company’s subsidiaries controlled either directly or indirectly. SuperJet International operates in the fields of development, engineering, production, commercialization, after-sale assistance and maintenance of civil regional aircraft. Due to the importance of its activities, it plays a significant role concerning the market, economic development, and technological and scientific progress of the sectors in which it operates. Honesty, competence and transparency, full compliance with effective law and regulations guide the SuperJet International’s personnel in their attainment of Company’s objectives.

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